Welcome to Freelancing Park

Freelancing Park Proficient IT Solutions Ltd. is the most promising and reputed IT farm in Bangladesh. Welcome to our official website, watch and learn about our services. Freelancing Park is basically an online marketing Company, offering custom Software Development, Web Design, WordPress Development and also have some best employees in White Hat Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Graphics Design, Professional Outsourcing and Software Consultancy. Freelancing Park started operations with a very small and potential development team, over time has been improving in both quality & efficiency, allowing Freelancing Park to grow exponentially.

Freelancing park provides high level of competency in several types of Technology, specifically around SEO, WordPress, Joomla, Magento, ASP.NET based application, Android, iOS applications. We have successfully completed Software Development as well as Web Development projects on desktop, smartphone and web platforms for a range of clients. Our researchers and technologists have been putting their all energies to develop new technologies. Such unique technologies have great potentials to gain one of the top positions in the world. We think it’s really important that businesses don’t lose the personal touch, irrespective of the trend to do more online. Committed to delivering innovation, Freelancing Park collaborate with its clients to provide high quality IT solutions at very competitive price. So our entire range of products and services comes with a great responsibility, quality and faithfulness.