Abdul Alim

I'm Abdul Alim professional SEO expert. I have experienced more than 8 years in this field and activity on the market with amazing success and results. I know, how to get on the first page of Google. Serving honest internet marketing consultation services to help you and your business. I am offering the best affordable SEO consultation in the industry. Helping clients get more from Search. 100% White Hat SEO & niche relevant site building consultation. I rode through the different SEO strategies all over the time and still doing a great job in delivering the best results for my clients. I will offer only high quality SEO and if you have any questions - support is available 24/7. I can help you to build a well reputation for your brand and website by quality Backlinks. Currently I am offering a manual niche relevant backlinks, full On page and Off page Optimization.

Abdul Alim

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Abdul Alim

Abdul Alim

8+ Years of Experienced in SEO, Link Building by using outreach methods such as Skyscraper, Broken Links, Resource Page, Guest Posting, Infographics etc. Worked with so many big fishes such as Neil Patel, Timothy Sykes, Matthew Woodward, Syed Balkhi.

You know that SEO has changed a lot. If you are not adopting this change, you'll be lost very soon. Here what I can help you with-

Link building:

  1. Skyscraper Tricks/Editorial links: If you create great content consistently, people will naturally (on their own) cite, recommend, share, link, tweet and send links to your page. I would be able to help you through skyscraper techniques.
  2. Moving Man Methods/Broken link building: Broken link building may perhaps be the most effective, white-hat link building strategy. I would be able to help you through moving man methods process.
  3. Guest blogging: If you’re looking to scale your link building process, guest blogging can help you. For guest blogging if you can provide me quality content then I would be able to help you.
  4. Competitor’s auditing: I’m talking about competitive auditing, which is the best way to grow your business. I have premium Ahrefs, semrush, Open Site Explorer accounts by which I can perform competitor’s auditing.
  5. Earn links from mobile-friendly sites: If a site is not mobile friendly and you’ve got a backlink on their web page, it may not help with your mobile rankings compared to if a mobile friendly site linked to you. I would be able to help you to get backlinks from mobile friendly sites.
  6. Blog commenting: Links from comments may not have much SEO value, but they can be natural and relevant which are among the key factors that Google values. I would be able to help you.
  7. Infographics: I can research and develop insightful and storytelling infographics in any niche then I will be able to distribute to various ways.
  8. Local Listing / Business Listing: Local business listings and citations play a vital role in reputation, rankings, and revenue. That’s why it’s critical to see the big picture of their purpose. I would be able to help you to build local business listing.
  9. Others: High quality social profile links, High quality niche relevant directory, Classified ads submission, Niche relevant forum discussions, social commenting and sharing.
  10. Content idea generation: I know how to come up with content ideas that will not only generate social shares but will drive targeted traffic to your site.


On-Page Optimization:

Here are some key points that I can work on if your website

  1. Keyword Research, Analysis & Suggestion. Number of target keywords / terms
  2. Detailed Site Analysis, Duplicate Content Check & Backlink Analysis
  3. Web pages meta keywords, meta description, focus keywords checking and comes up with solution if found poor optimization here
  4. Interlinking facts and solving
  5. Image alt text checking and fixing
  6. Finding out more ideas to implement that will make your pages user friendly as well as converting visitors in real customers
  7. Will share idea where need to place opt-in for creating email funnel
  8. Targeted keywords percentage checking into the content
  9. URL structure checking (If not found good optimized then will notify you for re-structuring them with 301 redirection)
  10. H1, H2 Checking
  11. Robots.txt Creation/Analysis
  12. Will share where need to add more images to make the pages more professional
  13. HTML and XML Sitemap create and submit.
  14. Google webmaster tools and analytics setup as well as error checking (If found then will notify you for fixing those/or if you permit me then I will fix those)
  15. Bing, Yandex webmaster tools setup as well as error checking.


Ranking Guarantee:

  1. For low competition KWs it will take around 3-6 months
  2. For medium competition KWs it will take around 5-8 months
  3. For high competition KWs it will take around 8-12 months


Work Report: You will get weekly work report at the end of each week (Monday)


Note: I don’t work with anyone and everyone. We are a good match, if:

- You have some prior knowledge of SEO and how it works.

- Understand that SEO is a risk and reward game.

- An agency or have a portfolio of local niche sites.

- Have the patience to wait for ranking movement. (at least 3 months)

I don’t reveal or promise any certain number of links. I do everything keeping the end goal in mind – Ranking progress.

That's all